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The Via Afrika Tabtor Maths programme

  • is for Grades R to 6
  • is engaging and interactive – keeping your child eagerly coming back for more
  • provides personalised learning through diagnostic assessment and a tailor-made learning plan per child
  • provides video instruction exactly when the child needs it
  • is affordable
  • provides weekly reports tracking your child's progress
  • is an end to worksheet marking for you

Uniquely, each child receives personal attention from a tutor who guides their learning.

Start personalised maths learning on tablets now!

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Tablet + Tutor = Success

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Dedicated tutors grade assignments daily and report weekly by email.
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Revolutionary “digital paper” technology allows tutors + parents to see how learners solve math problems.
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Learners experience a 90%+ improvement in performance and 40% improvement in engagement..

What parents think of us

Believe it or not, Sophia has just emailed me from her holiday to say “I have been checking the whole day to see if Christoff has sent me any maths worksheets.” Who would have thought that a girl who was in tears about her maths ten days ago, would be asking for additional worksheets? You have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you!
Nicky Stubbs, Cape Town